I'm a 21 y/o US Navy Corpsman in Sicily Italy. Art is what I'm good at. What kind of art? Whatever comes to mind. Go ahead Inspire me. I also love to travel, so expect to see some places i visit/visited here in Europe.
Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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  • Day 01:

    Your favorite Pokemon.

  • Day 02:

    Your least favorite Pokemon.

  • Day 03:

    Draw yourself as a Pokemon trainer.

  • Day 04:

    Your favorite starter Pokemon.

  • Day 05:

    Favorite first generation Pokemon.

  • Day 06:

    Favorite second generation Pokemon.

  • Day 07:

    Favorite third generation Pokemon.

  • Day 08:

    Favorite fourth generation Pokemon.

  • Day 09:

    Favorite fifth generation Pokemon.

  • Day 10:

    The most well known Pokemon - Pikachu!